In The House: Take 1

Published October 28, 2010 by Laura S

Last night You+Dallas hosted the first event in our  “In The House” series, which takes place at You+Media Headquarters in Downtown Dallas. So what’s the point? Our host, Jack Bradshaw, put it best: “[to] drink some wine and get to know each other.” Ok, wine drinking definitely occurred, but the event was a little more purposeful: we have a cool building in Downtown, we love throwing events, and we want to show people our videos and hear what they have to say. Wine, awesome catering courtesy of Smoke and Cheesecake Royale, and watching videos? Yes please.

The first video we showed has not yet made its debut on our site (coming soon). The American Heart Association Start! Heart Walk took place in early September, and our crew was at the scene to film two videos. The first video tells the personal story of Bank of America associate, Morgan Kennedy, and her experience with heart disease. The second video captures the fun of the event, complete with giant Wii on the big screens at Victory Park, and trampoline jumping for kids. “Which of the two do you like best?” Bradshaw asked. Story number one was preferred. “[It’s] such a unique perspective,” said a member of Foreboding Films.

Next up: The Dallas Ice Girls Tryouts, Episode 1 which tells the story of Kristin, a girl who has tried out for the team three years in a row. “I really like the human element that you guys bring to this. I want to find out more about the person,” said Tim Vasquez of Social Media Blitz. 
Most boys don’t go crazy over fashion. So when we played our Ermakov fashion designer video, I’m sure most of the guys tuned out, until they heard that Ermakov has been 90% blind since childhood. “That’s a hell of a story – a blind designer?” asked Bobby Roe, Creative Director of DSG International. “You couldn’t think of a more opposite occupation for a blind man.”
We finished the evening by socializing on the roof of our building, wine glasses in hand, and a gorgeous view of Downtown Dallas. Want to join us for our next In The House? Let us know!  and check out photos from the event here