Vlog is a word

Published November 9, 2010 by Laura S

Let’s see…a reason to party…a reason to party…what if we invited our bloggers over to Y+D HQ, taught them how to video blog, (see: vlog) and drank wine and consumed hors d’oeuvres? Good idea.

This is what we’re doing tonight. We love our bloggers and the brilliant contributions they make to our website, and now we want to push them a step further: be on camera!

You+Dallas’s Hilary Kennedy will host a vlogger session tonight and provide insightful tips from her stellar on-camera resume. She’ll be teaching our bloggers about posture, diction, and talking to the camera like it’s their friend, consequently turning our bloggers in to vloggers. Check back tomorrow where I will recap Hilary’s Top 5 Helpful Vlogging Tips. See you tonight (v)bloggers!