So you’ve learned how to vlog. But do you really remember how?

Published November 10, 2010 by Laura S

To our You+Dallas fans, especially our newly minted vloggers (see told you it was a word)! Thank you for attending our vlogging workshop with our fabulous Hilary Kennedy. She offered some great tips for stellar vlogging last night, so let's recap:

1) Keep a natural tone of voice. High pitched? Take it down a notch (or 4).
2) The camera really does add 10 pounds. Sit up straight!
3) Make sure there is plenty of light in the room so we can see your beautiful face.
4) Speak slowly and clearly. This is not the time to channel Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.
5) If you’re overly energetic and enthusiastic, you’re probably spot-on!
6) Don’t take any outside negativity personally. There are a lot of bored haters out there.
7) Brevity is hot. The ‘sweet spot’ for viewing time (when you’re relevant and interesting, which you all are) is around the 3-minute mark.
8) Solid colors look best – we want to listen to you, not the large geometric pattern on your shirt.

Slap on a smile and talk to the camera. We can’t wait to see our new vloggers on Y+D!