Rock your business right

Published November 18, 2010 by Laura S

Yesterday afternoon, You+Dallas hosted a “Get the Experts’ Perspective: Social Media Success and Client Delight” workshop for advertisers and marketers featuring Social Media Expert Giovanni Gallucci and Keynote Speaker, Author, and CEO Steve Zipkoff.

Currently an Adjunct Professor at SMU Cox School of Business, Zipkoff has received the Teaching Excellence Award 15 times. Which means he’s pretty entertaining to listen to. And if you Google “social media expert,” Gallucci organically rises to the top of your search results. Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. “It’s important for advertisers and marketers to become familiar with social media because it will be a critical line of communication to consumers in the future,” Gallucci said.

Zipkoff told his audience that it takes 6.2 months for a new employee to break even. It’s possible to advance this – but how? “Client delight” is Zipkoff’s answer. Become invaluable to your company. “If you can delight your clients, they will come back again and again and again and again,” Zipkoff said.

Here are Zipkoff’s 6 Working Tools for Delivering Client Delight:

1) See yourself as a service provider.

2) Ensure you add value. Find out what your customers and clients perceive value to be.

3) Become a quick-change artist. Adapt to please your clients - give them options.

4) Be a fixer, not a finger pointer. Your clients want to see an end result.

5) Practice continuous improvement by doing small things better continuously. Your clients are all about the small things you do right – don’t worry about the big picture.

6) Behave like you’re in business for yourself.

Bottom line? Delight = revenue. So get to spreading some social media and sunshine.