No boys allowed

Published December 13, 2010 by Laura S

The holidays are a great excuse to eat. A lot. And usually when we’re eating, we like to pair our comfort food with a serious glass of red. So we at You+Dallas decided this holiday season was a chance to celebrate the art of eating, by creating an event for the unique purpose of consuming wine and chocolate. Chocolate genius Stephen Smith of nib chocolates gave us a scrumdiddlyumptious lesson in chocolate making. Oh, and it was ladies only.

We hung white lights and holly for the occasion – our theatre room looked like the inside of Santa’s workshop. There were only two dudes present: Giovanni Gallucci, our Social Media Expert/Photographer extraordinaire, and Stephen, of course. The rest of the room was filled with estrogen and high heels. Basically it was a room full of ladies staring at chocolate like it was a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal.

Wine flowed, and everyone was super chatty and overly giggly. I couldn’t tell whether it is the holidays that made everyone so smiley, or if chocolate is a true form of endorphins. Amid the aroma of roasted almonds and melted chocolate, our guests asked Stephen questions as he cooked sweet perfection and asked for volunteers to help him craft his cocoa concoctions.

Everyone was so hopped up on chocolate flavored happiness to care about anything but popping the gourmet nibs in their mouths faster than Jeff Gordon outracing a tornado. And this best part is: we have leftovers. Excuse me, I think I hear my gym membership calling…